Tanzania Visa Requirements

Effective 08/20/2019 , the government of Tanzania has introduced a new visa processing requirement at Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO). International travelers entitled to get their visa on arrival now need to complete the following process:

  • Queue for a Government Control Number
  • Pay for the Government Control Number at a bank
  • Queue for Immigration to check and issue the visa

The changes at Kilimanjaro International Airport mean that the visa on arrival process can take in excess of two hours. All travelers planning to visit Tanzania should apply to obtain their Visa Online. The process usually takes two to three weeks. 

Tanzania e-Immigration Online Portal:   https://eservices.immigration.go.tz/ 


When is the best time to climb Kilimanjaro?

This depends on how you define best (weather, crowds, flight cost). It is possible to climb year around, however, best weather on Kili is during the months of Jan - March & July - Oct. However, Kili creates its own weather and  it can change at anytime. Kili tends to have more crowds during Jan, Feb & July - Sept.

How many guides / porters will accompany my group on the trek?

This is a general guideline of how many staff members will accompany your group. The number of porters is dependent on how much you bring along on the trek. Porters will not carry more than 20kg/33lbs per regulations. Therefore, please pack wisely! 

1 PAX– 1 guide / 1 cook / 4 - 6 porters
2 PAX – 2 guides / 1 cook / 8 - 12 porters
3 PAX – 3 guides / 1 cook / 12 - 16 porters
4 PAX – 4 guides / 2 cooks / 16 - 20 porters
5 PAX – 5 guides / 2 cooks / 20 - 26 porters  

Mount Kilimanjaro Tipping Guideline:

Guides: $20 per day/guide

Cooks: $15 per day/cook

Porters: $10 per day/porter

*** Tipping totals is for the trekking group and not per climber

What type of meals are provided on Kilimanjaro?

We have professional stomach engineers (chefs) that can make a variety of meals from Gluten Free to Vegetarian. Below are some examples of meals: 

Breakfast – pancakes, eggs, porridge, fruit, toast, tea, hot chocolate, coffee

Lunch – boiled eggs, sandwich, fruit, tea, coffee.

Dinner – soup, main course (chicken, beef, or fish) with vegetable sauce, cabbage, rice, pasta or potatoes, tea, coffee.

What should I pack for Kilimanjaro?

It is best to pack for rainy days and cold nights. We created a packing list for clients that will help you successfully conquer Kilimanjaro. See the files below to download our packing list. 

Recommended Immunizations

When visiting Tanzania, most foreign government strongly recommend the following immunizations:

  • Yellow Fever
  • Hepatitis A & B
  • Typhoid
  • Diptheria
  • Tetanus
  • Polio
  • Rabies

Full Moon Treks

Climbing Kilimanjaro is an amazing journey and it can get better if you experience a full moon trek. See the moon light up the peak of Kili as the glacier glows on the summit. Contact us for more details on how to schedule your trek!

2019 Full Moon Dates: 

November 12, December 11

2020 Full Moon Dates: 

January 10, February 8, March 9, April 7, May 7, June 5

July 4, August 3, September 1, October 1, November 30, December 29